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  • Sunflower
    Sunflower is designed for men in search of a fresh approach. Sunflower is a wardrobe of contemporary menswear balancing understated, intelligent design with respect for tailoring traditions.
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    Garment Project
    Garment Project sprang from the desire to manufacture proper casual sneakers – which can be used with anything. In 2013, Garment Project became a reality, and the first Classic Lace hit the shelves. Their entire collection is produced in Portugal.
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    Blanche is sustainable fashion at its best. Blanche's journey towards sustainability is driven by a desire to offer fashion consumers a sustainable wardrobe in its entirety - to enable women to dress sustainably from head to toe.
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    CHART is the leading Nordic art event and a new editorial platform. They bring together dedicated individuals and inspiring professionals to impact the future of the arts community in the Nordics and beyond.
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    Mads Nørgaard
    Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen has been around since 1986. The Danish Fashion House is all about fashion. But to help slow everything down a bit, a big part of their collections is the never-changing fashion items. The Danish Fashion House is often involved in exciting collabs and different art projects.
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